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Geopathic Stress and Geopathic Stress Correction

Geopathic stress correction detection & healing sick houses including problems with emotional imprints and spirit presence or hauntings


  Geopathic Stress - Healing Sick Houses 1


Joe Mullally is a full time shamanic diviner & geopathic stress healer. He travels all over Ireland and abroad healing various problems with land and place.


When a building appears to be causing ill health or 'non wellness' in people, most common conclusion is that the building may be subject to geopathic stress. However there are in fact at least three distinct areas to be addressed in house clearing work and for satisfactory results we must attend to them all.

One of the problem areas we investigate when dealing with 'sickness of place' is indeed the debilitating effects related to geological anomalies and underground water courses in or about buildings. The other two categories however, relate to strong emotional imprints in a place, and what can loosely be called 'spirit' presence. When working in houses we search for all three of these factors and build up an overall picture by taking them together.

Difficulties in dwellings are seldom straightforward. They tend more often to derive from various combinations of influence rather than neatly fitting into one category or another. Moreover, there is usually a natural sequence by which we should proceed. For instance, it is strongly recommended in situations where 'spirit presence' is encountered, that this aspect be attended to first, before moving on to apply any corrective measures indicated for geopathic stress anomalies found.

Shamanic techniques and related practices - which are themselves the net result of eons of dialogue and interaction between various indigenous peoples and the land - connect us today with these traditional systems and traditions, informing so much of our understanding and awareness in our work with land and place.... 


Geopathic Stress:

Geopathic Stress 1 - magnetic field anomolies and how can we neutralise it


Emotional Imprints:

Geopathic Stress 2 - Emotional Imprints in Place, and how do we heal them


Spirit Presence - Haunting:

Geopathic Stress 3 - Spirit Presence & Hauntings and how to deal with them




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